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Really great things happen at ICS. And really great people come from ICS too.

Here's the first of hopefully many Alumni Spotlights.  We thank April Smith for responding to our question "What does ICS mean to you?"  April 

Smith is is raising her family in Port Clinton.  


April  writes:

I, April Smith (Knerr) and my twin sister Stephanie graduated from ICS, with all my cousins.  I come from a big Mexican family and there are a lot of cousins...We love ICS. It was either Kindergarten or First Grade and we got to be on the show Patches and Pockets.  What a blast that was, and they came to school a couple times after to visit us.  I love the school nurse Mrs. Deslick.  No matter if you were sick or not she would always give you a sucker and you could hang out with her if you didn't want to go back to class.  My favorite teacher was Mrs. White.  She was awesome.  She always rewarded you with gizmo erasers or scented erasers. Mrs Drusbacky was always laid back and always had jokes to tell and I remember her always drinking so much milk that in her classroom there was always a row of empty milk jugs.  Come to find out she was pregnant!  I loved going to the library to see Sister Lucile.  She was sweet and smelled like vanilla.  If you were good and behaved she would give you candy.  It was the hard kind with jelly in the middle.  She had the best hugs.  The principal Sister Ferdinand was a bit strict and had a wood board in her office.  Then came Sister Mary Jo, who was an angel!  I loved her!  Our parents were divorced and back then that was rare.  My mom would come and do recess duty to help pay our tuition.  Sister would let us eat our lunch fast and realeased us first so we could go be with our mom at recess.  Sister looked out for us a lot in that way.  Sister Pat was scary if you made her mad.  Her face would get beat red and shake and she would yell.  Again mostly at the the boys who set her off.  Then Mrs. Gillig was so strict.  I always thought I needed a shirt that said "I survived Mrs. Gillig's class".  ICS is a great school and very family oriented.  I'm married now and have two children.  Amelia and Anthony, both of them went to ICS and I loved volunteering for recess and worked the kitchen for Bingo.  My children did the same Christmas plays that I did, made their First Communion as I did, and went to the book fairs as I did.  I just love those wonderful memories.  April Smith


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